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What is the UK Green Deal Scheme? How do I get Green Deal solar installations?

"The Green Deal will become the most ambitious home improvement programme since the second world war" - Greg Barker - UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change

 The Green Deal Scheme will make it possible for millions of home and business owners to have energy efficient improvements installed in their properties at little or NO UP FRONT COST to the owner, tenant or landlord. The Green Deal Scheme will enable energy efficient improvements such as cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, loft insulation, A-rated condensing boilers, double glazing, floor insulation, Green Deal Solar Panels, Green Deal PV Panels, ground source heat pumps, electric storage heaters or wind turbines, amongst others, to be installed in homes and businesses. Some improvements will be fully funded by the Green Deal Finance and some improvements will have to be part funded by the customer

The Green Deal Scheme will NOT be means tested. The Green Deal Scheme will enable private firms to offer Green Deal Finance of up to approx. £10,000 per property. Pay back of the Green Deal Finance will recouped by installments, over 25 years or less, from a charge made on the home or business electricity bills - and NOT a charge on you or your home or business. The Feed In Tariff for Solar may also be used in conjunction to finance Green Deal solar panels but this is still to be confirmed.

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For impartial Green Deal Advice please contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 (please note that this website is not connected with with the Energy Saving Advice Service)

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  • Take your time in making a decision - If you are promised a 'special discount' or 'time limited' offer don't be tempted to sign up straightaway. Shop around with different businesses to make sure you get a good deal. Remember: you can ask a salesperson to leave your home at any time.
  • Double check the facts - Check the product is suitable for your home, whether you are eligible for any grants towards the cost of installation, and the basis of any claims about potential energy savings or benefits. Only agree to go ahead if you're entirely satisfied.
  • Know what you are signing - Check whether you are signing a contract or just agreeing to a survey or a quote. Give yourself enough time to read all the paperwork, and ask questions if you are unclear about anything. Don't sign if you are unsure about doing so.
  • Know your cancellation rights - Where you buy on your doorstep or in your home and you spend more than £35, you usually have seven calendar days to change your mind and cancel, and can get back any money you have already paid, including a deposit - the 'cooling off' period. The cooling off period starts on the day you are given your written cancellation notice by the salesperson. Think carefully before you agree to any work starting during the cooling off period - you can still cancel but may have to pay a reasonable amount.
  • Know your rights if things go wrong - Make sure you know what you can do if things go wrong. Contact Citizens Advice for information and advice on your legal rights.